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Expression of Opinion

(Meminta dan Memberikan Pendapat)

Opinion intinya adalah pada kata opini dan argumen. Opini adalah pendapat sedangkan argumen adalah alasan.
Dialog opini adalah dialog yang saling mengutarakan pendapat tentang satu hal. jadi masing masing punya opni sendiri-sendiri. Biasanya menggunakan kata in my opinion, in my view, I thnk dan sebagainya. sedangkan dialog argumen adalah dialog yang saling menyatakan argumen atau alasan alasan. biasanya menggunakan kata kta first, second , dan seterusnya untuk mngurutkan argumaenya
Asking opinion Giving opinion
Formal :
- Have you got any comments on …..
- Do you have any idea?
- Do you have any opinion on ……
- Would you give me your opinion on……….?
- What is your reaction to ……
- What is your opinion about……….?
- What are you feeling about………….?
- What are your views on……….?
- Please give me your frank opinion?
- What do you think of…….?
- What do you think about………?
- What is your opinion?
- Why do they behave like that?
- Do you think it’s going?
- How do you like?
- How was the trip?
- How do you think of Rina’s idea ?
- How do you feel about this dicition?
Formal :
- I personally believe …..
- I personally consider ….
- I personally think /feel ….
- I hold the opinion ….
- My own view of the matter is ……
- Well, personally …….
- If I had my view, I would …..
- I think I like it.
- I don’t think I care for it.
- I think it’s good/nice/terrific……..
- I think that awful/not nice/terrible…………
- I don’t think much of it.
- I think that……..
- In my opinion, I would rather……….
- In my case …..
- What I’m more concerned with ….
- What I have in my mind is………
- The way I see is that…………
- No everyone will agree with me, but ….
- To my mind …..
- From my point of view ….
- If you aks me, I feel ….
- Absolutely ………
Asking someone’s point of view:
• What do you think about the comedian series Bajaj Bajuri?
• Excuse me, what do you feel about the language used in that film?
• What are your views about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?
• What are your feelings about the two characters which were terrified by a Tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic Park?
• What do you think about TV shows?
• Have you got any comments on the latest album of Padi?
• What is your reaction to…?
• I’d be glad to have your view on…
• What would you say to…?
Expressing points of view:
• Fantastic! I always love the Bajaj Bajuri serial and all of the silly ideas of these series.
• Awful! I must say frankly that sometimes the intimate language used in these series is very dangerous for Indonesian children.
• Personally I believe….
• In my view, ….
• It seems to me….
• From my point of view….
• I’d just like to say….
• Well, to my mind this scene….
• Personally, I consider….
• To be perfectly frank….
Asking about wonder(curiosity) thoughts/feelings:
• How do you feel about it?
• What are you thinking about?
• You have something on your mind?
• What are you looking so serious about?
• Is something bothering you?
• Is there anything you want to talk about?
• Want to talk about it?
• Are you O.K.?
• Are you worried about something?
Expressing wonder(curiosity):
• I wonder at her rudeness.
• I wonder how he can come here after what happened.
• I really wonder if he loves somebody younger.
• I’m just wondering if she knows how much I love her.
• I wonder who she is.
• I was just wondering how to do it.
• I don’t wonder after the treatment she had.
Note :
 Informal Expression are used in a sitation where you are talking between friends or close friends.
The expressions usually respond to something that you discuss in an informal situation.
 Formal Expressions are used in a situation where you are talking in aformal situation, such as in the office or school between the teacher and students
 Think about is used when a person is occupied with something or somebody
 Example : I can’t stop thinking about her
 Think of is used to imagine something. You can actually replace the word think of with the word imagine.

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