Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

got a ticket

An employee went to the office late, she hurried to the bike. Unfortunately half way through an impromptu raid by the police occurred. Prriiittt .., the bike was stopped by police. "Where are the papers!", Police said. Unfortunately it turns out that the motorist did not take driver's license. "You're my ticket!", Police said. "well, do not sir, yes sir .. peace", said the rider as he gave the money 20 thousand. "Well, you go home again, take the first letter of the lack of completeness". The driver finally came home to take a driver's license and went back to the office to work. Priiitttt .., the driver stopped the police again. "What else does, sir?", Said the rider. "You do not wear a helmet!", Police said. Really bad luck, thanks back to take the SIM even rusted helmet, the driver finally returned to take his helmet after being drained 20 thousand. In the middle of the road while returning to the office, priiittttt!, "Here .. complete papers, helmets already carry, very greedy, what else does the pack?", Said the rider. "Complete letter, a helmet is worn where the bike .. now!?", Police said.

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