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Sex stories in class ABG

It was already quite long, about 3 years ago, when I was in junior high.
One day, I was with my friends was having a lot of scouts at the school. It was very long, and in the open space that can be said to be quite hot air. At that time, promptly at 13:00. At that time, we perform some routine we used to live every day.

At 15:00, the event Scouts disbanded. We then immediately rushed to leave. I was after from the place, intending to go to the Multiplayer. When I arrival at school, I saw a child who was peering into a room at the school. Because I have a little suspicion, so I decided to approach him. When I approached, I was feeling a little uneasy. Therefore, I did not approach him.
Soon after, there came a friend of mine named Jetprak, children are always playing with me and "slightly damaged". At that time, he said, that there are people who left things in a Field Exercise on Floor 5. Because there is a sense a bit suspicious, so I went there to make sure there is nothing there.

Once I got there, I noticed a bag near a stage performance. Before I went to melihatn6ya, I make sure first, that there is no trap. After I checked, there was no trap at all. Then, I also immediately see what the content of these items.
After I hold the thing, I open the bag one by one. Apparently, the wrapper object is so large, so I was giddy to open them one by one. Until the end, it Kantonga open up the package at the fiftieth. Once I see it, it turns out it is a wide range of photographs that can be said to be "broken" and a wide range of contraceptives and sex. But I was astonished to ask "who and for what it is?". Because it was not polite, then I return again to the place. After so long, I was just waiting for the time elapsed. Incidentally at that time no one, then I can relax for a while there.
After so long, I remember, that I would play chess contest between a school. At that time, I have reached the Final, and my next opponent, is Fahris (Now he is a member of Dark Falcon). Because no one, then my own practice in place.

After I practiced for an hour, I feel exhausted. And so I decided to relax by doing Break Dance. Some time ago, I was taught by one of my friends to practice Break Dance, like Salto, Rolling, Hip Hop, and so forth. However, I am interested in a move that is very difficult, the Tornado Roll (Rolling on the Air).
Because there were no people, I am fun to try to rise above the poles. At that time, I ride with climb. When I would do it, suddenly there are two people who entered the room. Not unexpectedly, it is Fahris, opponents Finalku later, and the other one, is that there are children in the photographs I had seen before, because his name is long enough, call it NT.
Because it is wide enough, I try to listen to their voice by listening to echoes. I saw Fahris began opening the bag, and:
"See, now you believe it? I is not never lied, no funny stuff with you! "Said Fahris.

"Ih .. You really bad! Watch out, I'll complain to the teacher you know! "Continued the NT.
"Mangkanya, the better you must submit to me, or .." interrupted the conversation.
"Or what huh?" Cried the NT bit hard.
"Or I rip your virginity!" Fahris thunderous shouts.
"Do not fuck you, leave quickly!" NT continue.
NT has not had time to move, Fahris already hit NT and NT directly expose the ballpark.

"Ah .. Never Far .. Do not! "NT loud screams as she sobbed.
"Immediately I took your virginity!" Continue Fahris.
Fahrispun initiate action with a very nimble, he did ML warm with very hot flavor. But, I'm trying to stay on the ceiling even though I only rested with flat pole with a width of 30 cm.
Once he warmed up, he is finally ready to start the action tergilanya.
"Ah .. not far .. Do not take my virginity .. please help .. "pelas NT.
However, Fahris ignore his words, and finally, she began having sex with NT.
"Earrgghh .." Shouts NT so Fahris pubic shaft into her hole intercourse.
After that, start doing penggesekan Fahripun repeatedly until it stops after the tenth minute.

"How, my good, Mangkanya, do not try!" Said Fahris satisfied.
After that, begin to re-launch Fahrispun action to resume intercourse.
During their intercourse, NT continues to groan in pain
"Eng .. eugh .. ough .. aekh .. eakh .. eikh .. oekh .. "Sigh NT also makes me horny. However, because at that moment, I have never masturbated, so I said nothing and continued to watch.
After so long, they finally stopped and fell limp. Apparently, they have orgasms together, and I saw a bloody NT. Perhaps she had lost her virginity. Because no-one chance, then I also gained immediately took the camera, and some photos that prove menfoto Fahris guilty. After that, I also intend to escape through the ventilation window at me.
When going out, I heard a buzz sound. Once I saw that the sound source, the poorer it is Gloria who came through the door and fell down and his feet on the floor and she seemed paralyzed while (Paralyze). Immediately, also, arise Fahris in such circumstances are not in good shape after having sex. And he approached Gloria.
"Hey, girl, you've seen that we had done it?" Said Fahris.
"See what? I just walked into this room. "Explained Gloria.
"Do not joke, after all you do as well as a peek I had sex with her in-class SOS" continued Fahris.

"You do all sorts. I do not know! "Gloria denied.
"Already, you better make love with me too!" Command Fahris.
"Do not .. Do not touch me .. do not .. "Shouts Gloria.
Because I can not bear to see Gloria Gadget is so pristine, I will do desperate. I wonder what possessed my mind, I just jumped into the Fahris and do Tornado Roll. And finally, successfully, I also managed to beat him and made him pass out. However, I will immediately paralyzed immediately. But, I have not given up. I then gave the camera I use to menfoto Fahris and NT earlier. And finally, I will faint.

The next day, I woke up in bed. I looked around, and it turns out, I was in the hospital. I will immediately lay down again, but not sleep. Because my family away from me, then nothing at all to come see me. I really feel sad time. Not long after, Gloria came and came. He runs like a normal person. I think Paralyzenya was cured.

"Ali, if your wound is still sore," he asked.
"Not really, but it's been a lot better." I said.
"Uh, thank you yes, you've helped me at the time." He said
"Ah, it's okay. I'm already used to doing. "I said casually.
"Then why the NT at the time did not you please?" He asked.
Wow, I'm dead. I can not possibly say that I distinguish human beings (within the meaning of Gloria and NT). Then I will find a perfect answer.
"Oh, when the group was still in a state Fahris Fit, so I might not be able to deal with it physically."
"If the mental," he asked again.
"That may be able to handle. Oh yeah, what about chess championship today? I'm not able to participate? "I asked.

Gloriapun pulled something from his bag. Apparently, he took out my camera and a paper stating that I just won the game because Fahris dishonorable acts. I also feel relieved, and finally I will ask again.
"What do you think?" I asked.
"Well .. great .. may also .. "he said.
Who knows what haunts my mind, I will express love him, but he answered
"Wow, do not always yes, I still do not want going out, other times yes. In the meantime, let's be friends and have an adventure together at school. "
"So you also like to infiltrate it?" I asked.
"Yes, since childhood, I love adventure, so, you're also the same, let us unite our common hobby." He explained.

"As a Team Partners are you?" I asked again.
"Certainly, we would definitely be a perfect Tag" he explained.
After that day, I became friends with Gloria, and finally, it was our adventure together. That was how I can be adventurous with Gloria up to date.

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